UEFA Europa League 2024: Schedule, Teams, Results & More

The UEFA Europa League, often referred to as the Europa League or simply EL, is the second-tier club football competition in Europe, organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA).

It’s a prestigious tournament that offers a pathway to the pinnacle of club football – the UEFA Champions League. Did you know that over 50 different nations have been represented in the Europa League throughout its history?

This vast participation truly reflects the global appeal of the beautiful game. Interestingly, some surprising teams have lifted the Europa League trophy, proving that underdogs can always have their day on the European stage.

Europa League News and Updates

europa league news and updates

The UEFA Europa League semi-finals are coming, promising thrilling clashes and gripping narratives. Leverkusen and Marseille enter this stage with determination and dreams, setting the stage for an exciting showdown. What we can expect from the next matches?

Leverkusen Seeks Revenge Against Roma

Bayer Leverkusen will be looking to avenge their defeat to Roma in last season’s Europa League semi-finals.  Both teams come into the tie in contrasting positions; Leverkusen as German Cup finalists and Bundesliga title chasers, while Roma hopes to build on their recent resurgence under new manager Jose Mourinho’s replacement

Marseille Chasing Redemption in Europe

Despite facing adversity, Marseille remains resilient, fueled by their Europa League aspirations. Coach Jean-Louis Gasset’s tactical acumen and faith in young talent rejuvenate Marseille’s campaign. As they face Atalanta, Marseille’s journey towards glory faces a crucial test, with hopes of overcoming past final losses and securing a brighter future in European football.

A First Time for Italy?

The prospect of an all-Italian final adds an intriguing dimension to the Europa League narrative. Roma and Atalanta, buoyed by recent successes, aim to break Italy’s Europa League title drought. With formidable performances against top European clubs, both teams exude confidence and optimism, setting the stage for a historic showdown in Dublin.

Europa League Fixtures And Results

europa league fixtures

Europa League Fixtures in Semi-finals

First legs

2 May: Marseille vs Atalanta (21:00 CET)
2 May: Roma vs Leverkusen (21:00 CET)

Second legs

9 May: Atalanta vs Marseille (21:00 CET)
9 May: Leverkusen vs Roma (21:00 CET)

What are the Europa League Knockout Stage Dates?

As the competition intensifies, mark your calendars for these key dates:

  1. Knockout Round Play-offs: Set for February 15 and 22, 2024.
  2. Round of 16: Exciting clashes await on March 7 and 14, 2024.
  3. Quarter-finals: The action heats up on April 11 and 18, 2024.
  4. Semi-finals: The road to the final narrows on May 2 and 9, 2024.
  5. Final: The pinnacle event takes place on May 22, 2024, at the Dublin Arena in the Republic of Ireland.

Where is the Europa League 2024 final Organised?

The 2023/24 UEFA Europa League season concludes at the prestigious Dublin Arena. With a seating capacity exceeding 50,000, the Dublin Arena serves as the proud home of the Republic of Ireland’s national football team and Ireland’s rugby union team. Since its inauguration in 2010, the stadium has witnessed unforgettable moments in sports history.

Europa League Results in Quarter-finals

Second legs on 18 April
Roma 2-1 Milan
Atalanta 0-1 Liverpool
West Ham 1-1 Leverkusen
Marseille 1-0 Benfica (Marseille win 4-2 on penalties)

First legs on 11 April
Milan 0-1 Roma
Liverpool 0-3 Atalanta
Leverkusen 2-0 West Ham
Benfica 2-1 Marseille

What is the Europa League Format and Qualification?

Europa League Group Stage

The UEFA Europa League involves a total of 48 European club teams competing in a series of rounds to claim the coveted title. The tournament unfolds across six rounds, starting with the qualifying rounds and concluding with the final match. Clubs earn their place in the tournament based on their performance in domestic leagues and previous UEFA competitions.

Teams qualify for the Europa League through their performance in domestic leagues, cup wins, or Europa Conference League qualification rounds (the newly introduced third-tier competition):

  • Domestic League Performance: Teams that finish in a high position (typically runners-up or top-five finishers) in their national league standings qualify for the Europa League.
  • Cup Winners Route: Winners of domestic cup competitions in various European countries also secure a Europa League spot.
  • Champions League Playoffs: Some teams that are knocked out of the UEFA Champions League qualification rounds or group stage get a second chance to compete in Europe through the Europa League play-offs.

Europa League Knockout Stage

In the Europa League Knockout Stage, 32 teams are divided into eight groups of four. Each team plays a home and away match against every opponent in their group.

The top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage. This is where things get intense as teams battle it out in a single-elimination format.

22Bet will highlight key matchups in the knockout stage, featuring heavyweights and potential giant-killers. Keep an eye out for high-profile teams aiming to add the Europa League trophy to their cabinet.

22Bet will also provide the dates and venues for the semi-finals and the much-anticipated Europa League final. Don’t forget to check out the live scores and fixtures section for real-time updates on all Europa League matches.

Following the 2023-24 Europa League Season With 22Bet

europa league new format

Europa League Live Scores and Fixtures

Get your daily dose of Europa League action with our dedicated live scores and fixtures section. Stay updated on every match, including kick-off times, current scores, and live commentary (if available). You can use official UEFA sources or reliable sports websites known for their accuracy and real-time updates.

Europa League Analyzing Top Teams

Throughout the season, 22Bet will analyze the performance of the top teams vying for Europa League glory. This analysis will delve into various aspects, including:

  • Team Strengths and Weaknesses: 22Bet will dissect each team’s playing style, tactical formations, and key players who are making a difference. Are they defensively solid or known for their attacking flair?
  • Momentum and Form: 22Bet will track each team’s recent form and how they’re performing in both domestic competitions and the Europa League. Are they on a winning streak or facing challenges?
  • Tactical Battles: For crucial matches, 22Bet will explore the tactical battles between managers and how they approach the game against specific opponents.

Europa League Top Scorers and Past Winners

Witness the battle for the coveted “Europa League Golden Boot” awarded to the top scorer of the competition. 22Bet will keep you updated on the leading goal scorers and their race to the top of the scoring charts.

Europa League Spotlight on Standout Players

The Europa League is a breeding ground for future stars and a platform for established players to showcase their talent on a European stage. 22Bet will put the spotlight on standout players who are making their mark in the competition. 

This could include young prospects breaking through, experienced players rediscovering their form, or midfield maestros pulling the strings for their teams.

Memorable Moments in Europa League History

The Europa League boasts a rich history filled with iconic moments that have captivated fans worldwide. Let’s revisit some of these unforgettable matches:

  • The 2017 Manchester United Comeback:  Manchester United staged a dramatic comeback against Ajax in the 2017 Europa League final, winning 2-0 after being down 0-2 at halftime. This showcased the never-say-die spirit that can prevail in the Europa League.
  • Diego Forlan’s Masterclass in 2010:  Atletico Madrid’s Diego Forlan produced a masterclass performance in the 2010 final against Fulham, scoring two goals and leading his team to a 2-1 victory.
  • Sevilla’s Record-Breaking Reigns:  Spanish club Sevilla holds the record for the most Europa League titles (six). 

These are just a few examples, and there are many more memorable moments waiting to be discovered as you delve deeper into the Europa League’s history.

The Road to Glory: Indian Teams In Europa League

Has an Indian Club Ever Participated?

Currently, no Indian club has qualified for the Europa League group stage. However, Indian clubs can participate in the qualification rounds by achieving a high position in the Indian Super League (ISL) or winning the prestigious Indian Federation Cup.

Indian Players in the Europa League?

There haven’t been any prominent Indian players featuring in the Europa League as of the 2023-24 season. However, with the growing interest in football in India and the development of young talent, it’s not impossible to see Indian players making their mark in European competitions in the future.

The Future of Indian Participation

The future of Indian participation in the Europa League looks promising. Increased investment in youth development programs, participation in international tournaments, and potential changes in qualification formats could pave the way for Indian clubs and players to compete on the European stage.

Planning Your Europa League Experience

This section is particularly useful for Indian viewers who might be interested in experiencing the Europa League beyond just watching matches on TV.

How to Watch Europa League Matches?

The atmosphere of a live Europa League match is electric. Witnessing the passion of the supporters and the world-class talent on the pitch can be an unforgettable experience. 

  • Ticket Purchasing: If you want to attend to Europa League match, the Official club websites or UEFA ticketing platforms are the safest and most reliable sources to purchase tickets for Europa League matches. Be cautious of unauthorized sellers and always prioritize secure transactions.
  • Travel and Logistics: Depending on the location of the match you’d like to attend, you’ll need to factor in travel arrangements, visa requirements (if applicable), and accommodation options. Researching these aspects in advance will ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.
  • Matchday Tips: Familiarize yourself with the stadium regulations and any specific guidelines for visiting supporters. Researching the local area and public transportation options will help you navigate on matchday.

Live Streaming Options for Indian Viewers

For viewers in India who can’t make it to a match in person, there are several ways to catch the Europa League action live:

  • Official Broadcasters: National or regional sports broadcasters in India might hold the rights to telecast Europa League matches. You can check listings on official broadcaster websites or TV guides to find out which channels will be airing the games.
  • Subscription Channels: Europa League matches can be broadcasted on certain streaming services or pay-TV channels. Research available options and subscription fees to find the best fit for your needs.
  • Free Legal Streaming Services (if available): Some official broadcaster websites or sports news platforms might offer free legal streaming options for Europa League matches. It’s crucial to rely on trusted and reputable sources to avoid unreliable or illegal streaming services


The UEFA Europa League is a captivating competition that offers a unique blend of excitement, drama, and opportunity.  

The Europa League presents a chance for teams outside the elite group to challenge for European glory and potentially secure a Champions League spot. The competition serves as a platform for young talents to showcase their skills on a European stage, attracting the attention of bigger clubs.

The Europa League is known for its thrilling upsets and unexpected results, making it a tournament where anything is possible. With teams from across Europe participating, the Europa League reflects the beautiful game’s international reach and unites fans worldwide.

Stay tuned for further updates, in-depth analyses, and exciting stories throughout the 2023-24 Europa League season! 22Bet comprehensive guide equips you to not only follow the matches but also delve deeper into the competition’s history, top performers, and the potential future involvement of Indian teams and players.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The UEFA Champions League is considered the premier club competition in Europe, featuring the continent’s top teams. Qualification for the Champions League is primarily based on a team’s performance in their domestic league. 

The Europa League serves as the secondary club competition, offering a pathway to European glory for a wider range of teams. They qualify through domestic league finishes, cup wins, or Europa Conference League qualification rounds (a newly introduced third-tier competition).

The Europa League features a wide range of talented players. Here are some to keep an eye on:

  • Mohamed Salah at Liverpool is a goal-scoring machine
  • Promising players like António Silva (Benfica) and Arnau Martínez (Girona) are turning heads
  • This season’s Europa League has seen surprise stars like Teun Koopmeiners from Atalanta with breakout performers

22Bet will keep you updated on standout performers throughout the season, highlighting young prospects, experienced veterans, and influential players who are making a difference for their teams.

Tickets for the Europa League Final are typically sold through a ballot system run by UEFA. You can find more information about the ticketing process on the UEFA website.

Important to note: The deadline for applying for tickets for the 2024 final has already passed as it’s played on May 22nd, 2024

Yes, UEFA and its official partners offer hospitality packages that include premium seating, catering, and other benefits.  These packages can be expensive, so be sure to compare prices and offerings before making a purchase.