UEFA Champions League: Hot News, Matches And Fixtures Update (2024)

The prestigious UEFA Champions League is well into the new season, and things are getting exciting! Get a quick rundown of all the latest happenings in Europe’s elite club competition, from transfer rumors to upcoming fixtures.

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Latest News in the Champions League 

Exciting news for Bayern and Reals fans, their favorite teams – Bayern Munich and Real Madrid secured their spots in the Champions League semifinals by triumphing in the last quarterfinal matches. Bayern Munich defeated Arsenal 1-0, securing a 3-2 aggregate victory, while Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Manchester City, advancing with a 4-4 aggregate score. 

Their opposites are Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint Germain, who also advanced earlier. Dortmund overcame Atlético de Madrid 4-2 in the second leg, winning 5-4 overall, while PSG defeated Barcelona 4-1 in the Parc des Princes, progressing with a 6-4 aggregate score.

Indian football fans, get ready for epic clashes between European giants. The stage is set for another exciting season finale in the Champions League! The first leg matches will be played on April 30th and May 1st, with the return legs following a week later on May 7th and 8th

First leg matches

April, 30: Bayern-Real Madrid

May, 1: Dortmund-PSG

Second leg matches

May, 7: PSG-Dortmund

All matches kick off at 3:00 PM Eastern Time (which is 2:00 AM IST)  – so mark your calendars and get ready for some late-night Champions League action!  

Which teams are you backing to reach the finals? Don’t forget to share your predictions with your fellow fans online! 

What is The UEFA Champions League?

What is The UEFA Champions League?

The UEFA Champions League (UCL), is the premier club football competition in Europe. It’s an annual tournament organized by the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations). This tournament represents the top of the European club football milestone as it’s the main stage for the leading club teams of the continent to fight for the Champions Reward. 

To begin with, the tournament was founded in 1955. Then, it has become a much-loved event for football fanatics connected to the world as a whole. 

The Champions League features the best clubs and footballers battling for continental glory, which is the most outstanding feature that attracts global football fans from all over the world.

Why does Every Football Fan Love To Watch the Champions League?

The Champions League holds unparalleled significance in the footballing world. Winning the tournament not only crowns a team as the best in Europe but also grants entry to the coveted FIFA Club World Cup. 

The Champions League showcases the highest level of football, featuring top clubs and star players competing against each other. Playing in the Champions League is the pinnacle for most European clubs to showcase their talent on a global stage, attracting top players and immense sponsorship deals.

What makes football fans love this tournament is the fascinating Tactical Nuances of every team. As the Champions League progresses,  teams adapt their tactics based on their opponents and the stage of the competition. In the early stages, we might see a more open, attacking style of play. However, as teams reach the knockout stages, the focus often shifts towards defensive solidity and tactical discipline, with managers crafting strategies to exploit their opponent’s weaknesses.

Additionally, the electrifying atmosphere, passionate fans, and worldwide reach make it a truly special competition. This is a global football tournament in which Fans can enjoy top-quality football, regardless of their favorite team.

What are The Champions League Competition Stages?

What are The Champions League Competition Stages?

The Champions League unfolds in a thrilling knockout format after the conclusion of the league stage matches.

  • Round of 16: The top 16 teams from the league table progress to this single-elimination round.
  • Quarter-Finals: The eight victors from the Round of 16 progress to battle it out for a place in the semi-finals. This stage often produces heart-stopping encounters, with the stakes getting higher with each match.
  • Semi-Finals: The final four teams face off in a two-legged tie, with each team playing a home and away match.  The aggregate score determines which two teams progress to the biggest game in European club football – the Champions League Final!
  • Final:  The pinnacle of the competition! The Champions League Final is a single match hosted at a pre-selected neutral venue. This electrifying atmosphere showcases the best of European football, with millions tuning in worldwide to witness history being made.

New Format Of Champion League For 2024

The Champions League underwent a significant format change for the 2024-25 season. Gone is the traditional group stage format, replaced by a single league table encompassing all 36 teams. This “Swiss-style” format promises more competitive matches throughout the season, with each team playing 10 games against randomly drawn opponents. 

The new format in this season will bring a fresh twist to the tournament with a revamped format designed to increase excitement and unpredictability:

  • More Participating Teams: The biggest shift is the increase in participating teams. The competition expands to 36 teams from the previous 32.
  • New Group Stage: Previously, teams were divided into groups. Now, all 36 teams will compete in one large league. A “Swiss Model” replaces the traditional round-robin format, with teams playing five matches each against opponents of similar standing.
  • Playoffs for Round of 16:  After the league stage, the top eight teams will automatically qualify for the knockout round of 16, just like before. However, teams ranked 9th to 24th will battle it out in a two-legged playoff series to secure the remaining eight spots in the knockout stages, adding another layer of drama to the competition.

These changes are expected to make the Champions League even more exciting. With more teams and a revamped format, every match promises to be a high-stakes battle, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

How will it affect Indian Fans?

The new format ensures more matches throughout the season, potentially featuring a wider range of European clubs. With the continued popularity of the Champions League in India, there’s no news of any major broadcast schedule changes. You can expect to catch all the action on Star Sports Network and Sony LIV.

What Are Participating Teams In the Champions League?

Participating in the Champions League is an achievement in itself. Clubs qualify through their performance in domestic leagues, with some gaining entry through a unique qualification process with two paths: Champions Path and League Path

The UEFA Champions League features 36 teams from across Europe’s top national leagues. Qualification ensures a diverse range of clubs participate, while the new format, implemented for the 2024-25 season, promises an exciting and unpredictable journey

Where to Watch the Champions League in India?

For Indian fans, catching the Champions League action is easy! Here are the main channels to enjoy the magic:

  • Star Sports Network: Star Sports channels provide comprehensive coverage of the Champions League,  broadcasting matches throughout the season.
  • Sony LIV:  For those who prefer streaming, Sony LIV, the digital arm of Sony Sports, offers live streaming of all Champions League matches with a subscription

Besides that, you can watch full live Champions League football matches on TV Broadcast, especially on Sony Sports Ten channels, including HD options

Champions League History and Records

champions league history and records

The UEFA Champions League, regarded as the pinnacle of club football in Europe, boasts a rich history filled with legendary teams, iconic players, and unforgettable moments.  

Since its inception as the European Cup in 1955, the competition has evolved into a global phenomenon, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. Let’s delve deeper into the captivating history and record-breaking achievements that have shaped the Champions League:

Champions League Milestones: A Walk Through Time

The inaugural Champions League, then called the European Cup, initially was dominated by powerhouses like Real Madrid who clinched a staggering five consecutive titles between 1956 and 1960.

After that, The 1970s and 80s witnessed the rise of new contenders like Bayern Munich, Ajax, and Liverpool, who brought fresh playing styles and fierce rivalries to the forefront.

There was a significant change in the 1990s, the now-familiar Champions League format had been introduced for the first time, replacing the European Cup. This period also saw the emergence of legendary managers like Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United, who transformed the way the game was approached.

The 21st century has been marked by the dominance of a few teams, with Real Madrid claiming a record-extending five titles in this period.  Barcelona, under the magic of Lionel Messi, also cemented their place among the Champions League greats.

Champions League Records: Who Reigns Supreme?

  • Past Winners: The Champions League boasts a rich history filled with legendary clubs. Real Madrid holds the record for most titles (14), followed by AC Milan (7) and Liverpool (6).
  • Iconic Rivalries:  Certain matchups have become synonymous with the Champions League, adding another layer of excitement to the competition.  The ongoing rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona, or the passionate clashes between Manchester United and Liverpool, are just a few examples that ignite the hearts of fans worldwide.
  • Top Scorers and Other Interesting Stats:  For statisticians, the Champions League offers a treasure trove of information. Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for most Champions League goals (183), while players like Lionel Messi and Robert Lewandowski continue to rewrite the record books.
  • Clubs: Real Madrid holds the record for most Champions League titles (14) followed by AC Milan (7) and Liverpool (6).
  • Players: Cristiano Ronaldo is the top scorer in Champions League history, overtaking long-time rival Lionel Messi in 2024.
  • Finals: The biggest Champions League final win belongs to AC Milan, who thrashed Barcelona 4-0 in 1994.
  • Memorable Moments: From dramatic comebacks to incredible individual performances, the Champions League is filled with unforgettable moments. The 2005 Istanbul final, where Liverpool overturned a 3-0 deficit against AC Milan at halftime, is etched in the memory of every football fan.

Champions League Winners by Year List

The Champions League has seen many champions crowned throughout the years. Here’s a glimpse at the winners since the competition’s rebranding in 1992:

  1. Real Madrid (14 times)
  2. AC Milan (7 times)
  3. Bayern Munich (6 times)
  4. Liverpool (6 times)
  5. Barcelona (5 times)
  6. Ajax (4 times)
  7. Inter Milan (3 times)
  8. Manchester United (3 times)
  9. Juventus (2 times)
  10. Benfica (2 times)
  11. Chelsea (2 times)
  12. Nottingham Forest (2 times)
  13. Porto (1 time)
  14. Hamburg (1 time)
  15. Steaua Bucharest (1 time)
  16. Marseille (1 time)
  17. Borussia Dortmund (1 time)
  18. Manchester City (1 time)
  19. Feyenoord (1 time)
  20. Aston Villa (1 time)
  21. PSV Eindhoven (1 time)
  22. Red Star Belgrade (1 time)

Top Scorers List in Champions League History

The Champions League has witnessed legendary strikers etch their names in the history books. As of April 2024, Cristiano Ronaldo holds the record for most goals scored, followed closely by Lionel Messi:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (140 Goals)
  2. Lionel Messi (139 Goals)
  3. Robert Lewandowski (89 Goals)
  4. Karim Benzema (86 Goals)
  5. Raúl González (71 Goals)

These are just a few of the Champions League’s many captivating stories. Keep following the beautiful game to witness new legends emerge in the years to come!

champions league top scorers


The UEFA Champions League is a captivating competition that transcends the sport itself. It’s a drama-filled spectacle featuring the world’s best footballers battling for glory on the biggest stage. 

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a curious newcomer, the Champions League offers something for everyone. Witness legendary players etch their names in history, iconic rivalries reignite and experience the electrifying atmosphere that surrounds this prestigious tournament. So, tune into the action, support your favorite team, and be prepared to be amazed by the beautiful game at its finest!

Frequently Ask Questions

The next Champions League match will depend on the current stage of the competition. You can find the latest fixtures and schedules on the UEFA website or official broadcaster apps.

Under the new format (2024 onwards), 36 teams qualify for the Champions League.

The Champions League is considered the premier European club competition. The Europa League is another UEFA club competition, but with a different qualification process and generally featuring clubs that haven’t achieved the same level of success compared to Champions League participants.

While no Indian clubs currently compete in the Champions League, there’s a growing presence of Indian footballers around the world. Keep an eye out for talented Indian players potentially featuring for European clubs in future Champions League campaigns!

While no Indian clubs currently compete in the Champions League, the future might hold exciting possibilities. Indian football is on the rise, and strong performances in the AFC Champions League (Asia’s premier club competition) could pave the way for eventual Champions League participation.

In the meantime, Indian fans can keep an eye out for talented Indian players potentially gracing the Champions League stage in the future. Areeb Ibrahim, a young Indian midfielder, recently signed with FC Bayern Munich’s youth academy – a pathway that could lead him to the Champions League someday.